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Bastien Miest - Coach

Thanks to his coach, he lost 45 kilos in one year

“Now I’m much better at climbing stairs, I can see the difference on a daily basis,” says Hubert*, 54. For the past year, he has been following a sports and nutrition program, which has helped him lose “around 45 kg”. He went from 133 to 89 kg, for 1.80 m. “I haven’t finished yet, my goal is to get down to 83 kg. I also know that the most difficult thing will be to maintain myself at the desired level”, anticipates the Luxembourg resident.

This spectacular result was achieved “thanks to major changes in diet”, with the almost total elimination of alcohol and “chocolates and sweets”. He has also limited the amount of bread he eats, settling for “a light cereal-based snack in the morning”, while rice and pasta have generally given way to fish, vegetables and chicken. “It took some getting used to, but it’s happening.

“My blood pressure has gone down”

Now I’m much better at climbing stairs, and I can see the difference on a daily basis.

At the same time, he trains regularly with a coach, Bastien Miest. “I always start by going to people’s homes. I open the fridge and cupboards, to assess eating habits”. And yet, he often finds “food that shouldn’t be eaten”, he smiles. He then draws up an estimate and, above all, a dietary and sports program. “You don’t want to make too radical a change, otherwise people won’t stick with it”.

The aim is to achieve a slimmer silhouette, but that’s not all. “I’m feeling better,” Hubert resumes, “just after a workout. My blood pressure has gone down and my blood values have improved too,” he says. “Perhaps the hardest part is still being careful when I go to restaurants. But I have friends who don’t drink alcohol, so that helps!”.

I’m feeling better,” resumes Hubert, just after a workout. My blood pressure dropped and my blood values improved too.

Source: L’Essentiel, February 27, 2023

See the article published in l’Essentiel on February 27, 2023. Source here.